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PROCEEDS GO TO: #40YEARSISTAND (Initiative & True Life Story) Interests in awareness, passing knowledge, healing, raise funds & as well generate money for needs within my own fight as a survivor of childhood abuse & much more. I am a Survivor; Still being victimized by lack of services, societal understanding to the depth of what abuse does, and true justice being served. I am a voice of many: I stand on behalf of others, who have gone before that were subjected to abuse, surviving abuse & fighting injustices. This effort includes: resourcing of positive directives for victims and survivors with repressed memories of abuse; Exploitation, pedophilia, molestation/sexual abuse, spiritual/religious abuse, psychological/mental/brain washing/conditioning/programming, hygienic & nutritional abuse. This is a fight for laws to be revised, updated, honored, corrected, reconstructed for justice and the victims rights. Justice is long overdue and certainly deserved. A true story of 1 person within many stories of the same kind. Help right a new chapter to life a better life for what we all deserve. Justice, Protection, Safety. The right to have a childhood. The right to grow up healthy. The right to services if ever abused and harmed. The right laws and right justice to be served. WE DESERVE THE RIGHTS OF LIFE. ABUSE IS NOT A RIGHT. IT'S WRONG! NO EXCUSES FOR CORRUPTIONS WITHIN ABUSE & NEGLECT, CHILDREN'S NEEDS, NOR ADULTS. Focused Directives. ACTIVIST EFFORTS: Children's Rights, Victims Rights, Survivors Rights from/of abuse. - Emotional - Psychological/Mental - Sexual & Sexual Exploitation - Physical - Hygienic/Nutritional - Spiritual/Religious/Cult Abuse - Behavioral/Conditioning/Programming/Brainwashing - Communal Abuse: Laws, Education/Training within Services (Much involved with this... and love your support! Thank you)
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